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Connecting human potential with ambition of business.

At Abhideep Career Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Exclusive and Retained, our Executive Search Practice is primarily focused on Board and Leadership hiring. Our goal is to deliver value to each client we serve and to help you attract top talent and to build adaptive, diverse people organizations that are prepared to fulfil strategic business objectives. We seek to understand each client’s strategic goals, the specific leadership roles and competencies needed to meet those goals, and the culture that new executives need to embody.

Our executive recruiting consultants possess the expertise and contacts to best support our search. We draw on our high-level professional networks, industry knowledge and internal research resources to identify the right people. To stay on the cutting edge of talent strategy, we constantly track key trends in the global market for talent, and continually innovate our services and approach.

Executive Search ensures a quality outcome by targeting and contacting every potential candidate, not just those seeking new roles, resulting in candidates of higher calibres. We represent you professionally to candidates; the whole process ensuring confidentiality, time bound efficiency and cost effectiveness. It also ensures pre-qualification of candidates which will leave the line manager to focus on recruitment decisions. A strong emphasis on quick turnaround timelines and a highly process driven and customized Search Practice which relies heavily on knowledge management and industry research paradigms, ensures that the results are swift, sure and outstanding, as is witnessed through our client portfolio and success record. Given the highly intensive research led operations to our executive search model and a personalized candidate contact approach, we have demonstrated consistent results across Multinational, Transnational, start-up, complex and even unique or novel talent requirement demands, specific to each client organization.

We have pioneered a “real-time feedback” system for continuous improvement in the quality and user-friendliness of our service. We are distinct in our industry, we examine the issues clients face by shaping knowledge, insights and trends into intelligence that makes us highly effective even in dynamic situations. We move seamlessly in our client’s shoes, making their requirement our requirement thus being rightly called the extended arm of our clients. At Abhideep Career Solutions Pvt.Ltd we are able to handle diverse assignments across industry verticals with our strong Research capability and sound Knowledge Management practice

We hand pick each of our search professionals on the basis of the following selection criteria include:

  • Superlative and consistent service
  • Clarity and user-friendly communications
  • Personal character and integrity
  • Increase productivity

The right, consistent leadership can increase the productivity of your people. ..

  • Retain your people
  • Nurture future leaders
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Implement an effective leadership style
  • Make better decisions